Huge Update

Remember this project in Nairobi, Kenya? We began drilling the well in Nairobi, Kenya in September of 2021 in partnership with Pastor Dennis and Nairobi International Church after months of preparation, obtaining multiple permits from the Kenyan government. While drilling and well preparation went relatively smoothly, we were unable to connect to a power source […]

There aren’t many employees of 28Bold…

Hi, it’s me, Christan. I have to admit something, I need help taking care of 28Bold. I do not take a salary from 28Bold, instead, I work a full time job and do 28Bold tasks after hours or weekends. I have an employee that I would like to hire and it would cost us $3000 […]

You won’t believe how long this took! 😳

But, worth it!! Remember this project in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2021? While relatively easily we were able to hit water, everything else about this project has been difficult. Multiple permits were required prior to drilling, the drill bit broke while drilling, it was extremely expensive and much more. The worst part was that even though […]

This is BIG! 🎉

We have big news… 28Bold is getting our own drill rig! Several weeks ago we applied for a grant that would go towards our own Village Drill. This manual drill will give us so many opportunities. For starters, it will be much more cost efficient to do multiple wells. Furthermore, it will provide an avenue […]

Look what you did! 😍

Last week we had the privilege to begin drilling 5 wells in partnership with local churches through 6 degree initiative. 6 degree Initiative is based in Lome, Togo and is just outside the 10/40 window, right at the 6 degree actually 😄. These new church plants are growing rapidly and in great need of water […]

Not one, but FIVE!

You’re not going to believe it… We are doing five wells in one month! We have an exciting opportunity to do 5 wells in one month! In less than 60 days we will be headed to Togo, West Africa to do not one, not two, but FIVE wells in partnership with 6°initiative! This is a huge value […]

Look what you did! 💦

We wanted to update you on our most recent project in Nairobi, Kenya. Look what YOU did! Peter, a 28Bold employee, stayed behind another 2 weeks to oversee the completion of the well. He sent me this photo of the townspeople waiting in line AT THE CHURCH for water! We had a hard time traveling to […]

Why I Choose to Give

It’s hard to say when it all started. I remember being a young person and hearing about generous people and feeling very inspired and wanting to be that way, but didn’t really know how. I think I made it a lot more difficult than it had to be. I also remember feeling intimidated by it, […]

a no, good, terrible, horrible day

Today was rough. I literally began when I pulled out my driveway and there were vultures everywhere. I even took a picture. I knew then it was a bad sign, but I drove on. The day was difficult, one frustrating, disappointing phone call after another. Work was not fun today- it was really testing my […]