Look what you did! 😍


Last week we had the privilege to begin drilling 5 wells in partnership with local churches through 6 degree initiative. 6 degree Initiative is based in Lome, Togo and is just outside the 10/40 window, right at the 6 degree actually πŸ˜„. These new church plants are growing rapidly and in great need of water along with the Gospel in an area that is the birthplace of Voodoo and is predominately Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists.

You may be asking.. β€œWhat can we do?”

Thank you for asking! We continue to covet your prayers and generous giving. We are consistently amazed at God’s faithfulness and your willingness to respond to Him as we give to others. Specifically, the team at 28Bold is very excited about a partnership with 6 degree initiative as we partner together to do MORE for the kingdom!