Christan Barnett

Hi, I am Christan. (pronounced kris-TAN). Thanks for visiting the site! My husband and I live in Augusta, Georgia and have 3 opinionated children. We prayed they would have a mind of their own and oops! God gave them just that.

There's a few things I love:

I love Jesus. I heard someone say once people who don’t love Jesus just don’t know him. I totally believe that. Jesus has done so much in my life that I can’t imagine life without him. I can’t figure out how people love, and live, grieve life without my Savior. He inspires all that I am and do.

I love people. My husband would totally disagree with this statement about me because I dislike large groups of people, but individual people I actually really love. People’s stories are so inspiring to me. I guess thats why I am a sucker for a memoir or biography.

Whether I agree or disagree with someone, their story, their process is so fascinating to me. I love connecting with people over a similar piece of our journey.

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Christan Barnett


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