Why I Choose to Give


It’s hard to say when it all started. I remember being a young person and hearing about generous people and feeling very inspired and wanting to be that way, but didn’t really know how. I think I made it a lot more difficult than it had to be. I also remember feeling intimidated by it, like that was other people’s “thing” but was I just being trendy by doing it too? Lies from satan. A vivid memory stands out of my beautiful friend Haley Lamb. It seems she has always embodied this concept of serving and giving to others. I would look at her and think, “I’ll never be that good of a person. It’s too much work.” Casually I would pray about it and there were specific moments when someone would compliment me on a piece of clothing or jewelry and God would prompt me to give it to them. The recipient was often taken aback, making sure I knew that wasn’t their intention in paying the compliment. I knew it wasn’t, but I wanted a heart change and guess what, God did it. Slowly but surely, my heart and eyes were opened and more sensitive to the needs of those around me. I hadn’t even seen them before! It wasn’t that I didn’t care before- I didn’t even know the needs we’re there. The more needs I saw, the more I longed to fill them. Some small, some huge. Have people been changed as a result of my generosity? I’m sure am they have, but the most significant change I know of has been in myself. I give out of obedience to God- he said to give to the poor and needy and he actually meant it! Like literally go out and give someone some food or water!

Sometimes when I’ve seen a homeless person on the street or a mother in need I’m skeptical. I wonder if they’re being honest, if it’s a scam or if they would use my money for drugs or alcohol. This thought used to keep me from blessing people in this way. Not too long ago I was convicted about this when I was with my mom and children and we saw a family begging for money in front of Walmart. (Shown in the photo)

They seemed genuine, but before mom and I could make a decision about what to do my 10 year old son piped up and volunteered to give $5 out of his wallet. He didn’t know to be skeptical or jaded and was more generous with his own money than I would have been with it. I realized (again) t’s not my responsibility what happens once I’ve given. My only concern is did I do what I was called to do- give.