You won’t believe how long this took! 😳


But,Β worth it!!

Remember this project in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2021? While relatively easily we were able to hit water, everything else about this project has been difficult. Multiple permits were required prior to drilling, the drill bit broke while drilling, it was extremely expensive and much more. The worst part was that even though the pump and all have been ready to go for almost 9 months, we did not have permission from the Kenyan government to connect to the power source, making the well useless for as many months. Pastor Dennis, while persistent, was abundantly patient. Myself, Peter and another local contact have been doing everything we could think of to move the process along, but because we were unwilling to pay a bribe, it took much longer than we planned.

Today, water flowed freely at Nairobi International church and the line to fill buckets was wrapped around the church. The team from the church ministered to those waiting in line and TWENTY people got saved!!! We are so thankful.