They’re Listening


I’ve not been the best version of myself lately. I’ve been grumpy with no particular reason to be. I’ve snapped at my kids and just been plain ole yuk! Last night I was feeling a little better and Collins and I were playing on the floor. He was being particularly endearing and chatty, laying flat on his back on the kitchen floor. I couldn’t help but kiss and smooch his face. He’s just so yummy. As we were laying on the floor face to face I said, “Collins, where did you get such beautiful eyes?” He quickly replied, “from Jesus and he lives in my heart.” My eyes welled up with tears and my heart melted. “Who told you that?” I said. “Daddy,” he recanted. David was standing above us and confirmed that he had, in fact, told Collins a few nights ago.

Isn’t it just like God to drop that pearl of joy right when my attitude was yucky and I didn’t feel particularly close to Him? As a parent I often wonder “are the boys listening? Do they know what/who we live for? Do they know to love others? Are they getting IT?” It can be discouraging to pour into children with thoughts like these. This simple, yet precious conversation with my almost 4 year old {sigh} reminded me that they are listening. They do see us and notice our moods and how we respond to stress and he bedtime stories and snuggles and fun.

Here’s to you, oh discouraged parent. Keep the good fight! Be encouraged that your children notice and listen, even when it doesn’t seem so, and in due time it will bubble up in overflow.