Phakane, South Africa

Project Name:
"she came with water" in swati
Project Cost:
Well Depth:
50 meters
Project Impact:
300+ people served

This project was very special because it was the very first project of 28Bold and the location that inspired it all. Pastor Muzi is an inspirational leader and has a passion for his community. He came to Phakane to be the Pastor and not long after he arrived to the town, those involved in witchcraft poisoned his wife in attempt to scare them away from town. While they were immovable, Pastor Muzi’s wife ultimately passed away as a result of the poisoning. His daughter was also poisoned, but survived miraculously.

Phakane has a high rate of sexual assault, joblessness and single motherhood. At any given time, Pastor Muzi is the legal guardian for many number of children, sometimes up to 30 or 40.

The water flows freely on the church property at Phakane. Pastor Muzi uses the water to care for the garden and provide drinking water to all those around – even the witch doctors.

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